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For nearly 30 years now we have been supplying our Customers not only with high quality products, but also with complete lighting solutions.

Long years of strenuous work, experiences and facing challenges resulted in wide range of high-quality lamps and lighting fixtures of universal character, dedicated for home and public use. ElmarCo products stand out for their aesthetic design and durability, as well as for the high quality materials and fine details. Many of them can be equipped with energy-saving light sources.
The staff and owners' engagement in cooperation with Clients on design and investment tasks together with our passion for the work created a positive image of ElmarCo being a professional and stable business-partner.

Following the Clients' needs and feedback as well as the market trends and our own ideas we are continuously improving our standards and our offer to make it as clear and complete as it gets. In our activities we follow the rules of rationality together with respect for the natural environment. We are proud to present You the product catalogue in a new graphical layout, being a result of ongoing process of improving the image of ElmarCo company.

We hope that this catalogue will meet Your expectations and help to make our cooperation even easier and more pleasant
Dear Customers, Your acceptance and loyalty, being a constant motivation for the whole ElmarCo staff, lets us have an optimistic outlook into the future with confidence and faith in next common successes.

Yours sincerely,

Tadeusz Martyniuk