Charging stations - what is worth knowing?

We live in a time when the number of cars in the world has already exceeded 1.1 billion. It is estimated that by 2040 it will exceed 2 billion. Most of these cars have internal combustion engines that emit carbon dioxide, among other things. In order to improve the air we all breathe, we should shift to emission-free modes of transportation whether public or private.
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Stadium lighting

Ball in play... The XXII World Cup 2022 has just begun, which this time is being held in Qatar. Not all of us are lucky enough to sit in the stands. For most fans, television broadcasts remain. And how to make sure that in the age of digital 4K and HD TV technology, the broadcast will convey the action unfolding on the field in the most exciting way.
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Lighting of urban space - part 1

Lighting in urban space, although it may seem that it is mainly used to extend the functioning of the city, i.e. the length of the city's life, currently performs many other functions.
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