Effective lighting of a post-military estate in Gdańsk

About Client

Hossa Investment Group is a Tricity-based developer with dozens of construction projects, including residential buildings, office buildings, shopping centers and hotels. In 2009, the company launched one of the most ambitious projects in its history – the Garnizon estate in Gdańsk.

This fascinating facility was built on the site of former barracks occupying nearly 30 hectares. Within them, there were historic buildings that were revitalized in accordance with the guiding idea of the designers. Completely new loft-style apartment buildings were also erected, as well as office buildings, service premises, retail outlets, and cultural and recreational centers. The aim was to create a modern district that, on the one hand, would provide residents with the freedom to meet very different needs, and on the other, would refer with aesthetics and atmosphere to the rich history of this place.

Client’s needs and expectations

We had a pleasure to cooperate with the Developer and support him in the preparation of the housing estate lighting concept and to propose specific product solutions.

The project was based on fidelity to the tradition of the revitalized space, so it could not fail to refer to the military aesthetics and architecture of historic buildings. The lighting around them also had to fit in with this vision. At the same time, the Client wanted the end result to impress future investors, residents and guests of the Garrison. How did we meet this task?

Our solutions

Especially for this project, we have developed a completely new lighthouse, which is not accidentally called Garrison. Its classic, yet simple and subdued form fits perfectly into the space referring to the aesthetics of the former barracks. Non-standard LED backlight along the lamp post is an interesting diversion and guarantees “wow” effect.

We also created an original installation within the Garrison’s rest area. The impressive result was achieved thanks to the illumination of the tree crowns. This is due to the unusual lantern with special floodlights, which beautifully display the estate green after dark. The unique external chandelier illuminating the square is also noteworthy. We designed it to slightly warm up the atmosphere of the estate, adding a home character to the barracks space.



In the alleys, we have used discreet Kadet LO lfixtures, which harmonize well with elements of green architecture, such as benches, information boards or bicycle stands. We also tried downlights, fixtures built into the ground, with a non-standard light color. All this creates a coherent composition, combining functionality with unique aesthetics and atmosphere of the place.



The course of implementation

We used steel and aluminum as well as integrated LED sources (incl. RGB) to create the fixtures. Before starting the production, we presented to the Investor samples designs of all products that were to be used in his project.

Traditionally, we started the work with the preparation of the preliminary external lighting design. Some of the solutions came from our catalog, others we designed from scratch, in accordance with the Client’s vision. In some cases, it was necessary to obtain the consent of the conservator for the installation of this lighting type.