Comprehensive implementation of lighting for the mountain resort

About the client

Blue Mountain Resort is a luxurious aparthotel in Szklarska Poręba. It was created to combine modern standards of rest with a unique, ideally suited to the mountain landscape, architectural style.

Currently, the complex belongs to the Osada Śnieżka group, which also has in its portfolio such hotels as Green Mountain Resort in Karpacz or Elements Hotel & Spa in Świeradów-Zdrój. During the construction of Blue Mountain Resort, the Client turned to us in order to cooperate in the field of lighting the facility.

Our solutions

In response to the Client’s expectations, we proposed Elew lantern, made of rectangular aluminum profiles with integrated LED light source.Its characteristic element is the sharp curvature at the top, thanks to which the whole fits perfectly into Developer’s vision and the mountain location of the facility. In the  armboom we used a modular LED light source with very good optical properties and lenses that ensure an interesting diffuse reflection effect. In the case of room lighting, the choice fell on elegant Havana floor lamps and Rumba wall lamps as well as Preciosa plafonds. Every product is characterized by warm colors and provide the possibility of replacing key elements. The fixtures are metal, they also have carefully made fabric lampshades, and the LED light source used ensures easy replacement. In the bathrooms, we used a modern Quantum ceiling form, for which we have selected one of our favorite cantilever fixture above the mirror, i.e. Kreska K LED.

W odpowiedzi na oczekiwania Klienta zaproponowaliśmy latarnię Elew, zbudowaną z prostokątnych profili aluminiowych ze zintegrowaną oprawą LED.

Jej charakterystycznym elementem jest ostra krzywizna u szczytu, dzięki której całość świetnie wpasowuje się w wizję Dewelopera i górską lokalizację obiektu.

W wysięgniku zastosowaliśmy modułową oprawę LED o bardzo dobrych właściwościach optycznych i soczewkach zapewniających ciekawy efekt odbicia rozpraszającego.


Our cooperation in the implementation of the lighting of the Blue Mountain Resort hotel resulted in further joint projects with the Osada Śnieżka group. Elew lighthouses also illuminate other facilities owned by the Investor: Platinum Mountain in Szklarska Poręba and Green Mountain in Karpacz. We are glad that we had the pleasure to participate in the process of establishing these centers and we are eager to undertake the next projects!