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They can be installed on private premises and in public places, but in both cases they must provide a proper visibility, as well as fit into the existing aesthetic of surroundings. Our outdoor LED garden lamps and park lights combine a high functionality with energy efficiency and modern design. By putting a substantial effort in the choice of used technology and materials, we ensured our products remain visually pleasant, while their effectiveness is kept at an all-time high.

Our outdoor LED garden lights and park lamps prove to be resistant to not only weather but various other external factors. Thanks to the usage of aluminium or hot-dip galvanised steel they can endure tougher conditions during winter and summer. They are an excellent addition to modern space, which needs to be properly visible after dark, as well as selected zones (e.g. construction sites), which require an accurately directed light for safety or aesthetic purposes. Models can vary in size, design and colour - from the RAL catalogue.

BOVER LED LO 0,4m Lampa Ogrodowa szara,  ElmarCo producent oświetlenia elmarco_pl
BOVER LED LO 0,4m Garden Lamp

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