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We have prepared lighting, which - thanks to its modern design - perfectly harmonises with urban park spaces.

Our outdoor LED lanterns are suitable for town squares, streets and historic areas, providing a modern and stylish addition to any public space. Additionally, increased visibility ensures safety for passers-by and other road users. Products are made of aluminium, which enhances their durability in tough weather conditions and other external factors. It is important to remember that the correct embedding of a lamp post depends not only on the ground conditions, but also product of choice - we use three different kinds of post founding.

We offer exterior lantern lights in various sizes and colours (from RAL catalogue). They are also suitable as fixtures at entrances thanks to the choice of minimalistic designs in many available models.
To achieve the highest energy efficiency we have prepared SOLARIS versions, which use energy obtained from wind and sunlight. It is a perfect solution for areas problematic in terms of power supply.

BOKARD LED LP 3-4m nowowczesna Latarnia Parkowa,  ElmarCo producent oświetlenia elmarco_pl
BOKARD LED LP 3-4m Lantern Park

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