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About the product

Classic lantern made of a steel, piped, hot-galvanised, abundantly decorated column with a characteristic, 1- or 2-arm boom.

Painting in the selected colour from the RAL catalogue.

Designed for: illumination of parks, streets, promenades, historic areas.

Realizations with this product

Lighting of the area at the Bayjonn Sopot Hotel.
Sopot, Poland
Infrastructure / 2010

Street lighting in Wicko.
Wicko, Poland
Infrastructure / 2018

Świętopełek Grove, Kartuzy
Kartuzy, Poland
Infrastructure / 2018

Sopot, Chopina Street
Sopot, Poland
Infrastructure / 2008

Technical data

Light sources
50-100W LED
5-8 м
FB-80 (3-5 m), FB-120 (6-8 m)
Suggested fixture
Chantal, Bell
Metal colour
Arms, booms (lanterns only):
1 arms, 2 arms
classic - stylish
< 3m
Aluminum, Galvanized steel
Mounting type:
onto foundation

Files for download

CAD Files
download (19.59mb)
Declaration of Conformity
download (447.36kb)
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