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About the product

The MODENA lamp series is a classic combination of simplicity and elegance. Careful finishing, fine materials, functionality are a perfect complement to both modern and classic interiors. The color of the lampshade sets the mood. These lamps are a charming interior complement in modern and avant-garde living rooms, as well as classic ones.

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Realizations with this product

Urban Home Hotel Hamburg
Hamburg, Germany
Hotels / 2018

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Technical data

70 cm
80 cm
Light sources
4 x E14
Metal colour
Lampshade color
  Olive green
classic - stylish, modern-universalmodern
Materials: (lampshade)
Materials: (wood)
Mounting type:
on the ceiling
Number of lightsources:

Files for download

Datasheets and specifications
download (1.5mb)
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MODENA LG Lampa Gabinetowa zielony abażur
MODENA LG Study lamp
Desk, office and night lamps

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