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About the product

An original design and a functionality are features of TAIPEI family, intended for offices, studies and insides of buildings of the public utility. Lamps have a metal body and reflectors halogen, of which it is possible to regulate the situation in two plains, directing a stream of light depending on the need. TAIPEI lamps will perform well as lighting objects and the exhibition in museums, galleries, shops.

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Technical data

40 cm
160 cm
Light sources
2 x 35W QR111 or 2 x 15W LED QR111
Metal colour
Materials: (wood)
Mounting type:
standing lamps
Number of lightsources:

Files for download

CAD Files
download (469.99kb)
CAD Files
download (571.54kb)
Declaration of Conformity
download (215.23kb)
Datasheets and specifications
download (2.82mb)
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