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Lighting plays a very important role not only indoors, but also outdoors. This is why we put a substantial effort into designing and manufacturing park lamps, which provide better visibility after dark and remain an aesthetic addition to town squares, passageways, historic areas or street promenades.

We have prepared standard conical poles, made of durable hot-dip galvanised steel, as well as non-standard models. The offer also includes classic, yet elegant, park lamps with multi-arm booms, made of aluminium or hot-dip galvanised steel, which can be repainted in the selected colour from the RAL catalogue. They are available in either minimalistic or richly decorated version. To achieve a perfect harmony in areas with modern outdoor arrangement, we highly recommend to use models with a square cross-section.
To ensure our products remain efficient, yet eco-friendly, we provide practical fixtures equipped with an LED module - available in various shades of grey and black.

BOKARD LED LP 3-4m nowowczesna Latarnia Parkowa,  ElmarCo producent oświetlenia elmarco_pl
BOKARD LED LP 3-4m Lantern Park

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