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About implementation

Garrison is an example of a successful project of revitalization of former military areas and restoration of their city. The area of former military barracks with a rich history of more than 20 ha now offers new functions, such as housing, offices, trade and cultural services, and recreation.
Lighting for this area was based on the use of the latest LED technology in combination with the traditional form of the street lamp. There was also space for original park and garden luminaires in a modern shape. An extraordinary element is the unique external chandelier, defining and illuminating the space of the leisure square in the garrison.
Comprehensive service for consulting outdoor lighting. Individualized design of street lamps and lighting fittings. Design and construction of a unique decorative lighting construction. Design and implementation of objects illumination. Used: Garrison lanterns with wall lights. Kadet garden lamps. Performing illumination of objects.

Used products

Dossier of implementation

Gdańsk, Poland
Housing estates and public spaces
Year of implementation


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