What about lighting the garden, driveway or leisure and recreation area – outdoor lighting around the house?

Whether we are designing lighting for a garden, a space next to a hotel, an estate, a park or in historic areas, the principles are similar. Safety and comfort should be the priority.

Here are some rules of thumb for arranging outdoor lighting:

Define objectives

Consider what objectives you want to achieve, what is the purpose of the area and what functions will it serve? Who is it created for? Is it a recreational area, a leisure area or an area for different activities, or maybe you just want to highlight, some architectural elements or plants?

Choose the right lamps

Outdoor lighting does not have to be boring. It is worth bearing in mind principles similar to those used in interiors and use three types of lighting to achieve the right lighting effects: general, task and decorative. General lighting ensures even illumination of the space, task lighting acts on specific functions (e.g. illuminating the path to the building) and decorative lighting aims to highlight an architectural element or vegetation. Once the lighting functions have been arranged in this way, the choice of lamps is based on the selection of lanterns, which can, for example, be placed spotlights in the corners of the property, or a series of lighting posts along the access to the building entrance.

Highlight the architecture

Highlighting architectural elements such as façades, columns, arches or sculptures or plants requires the use of appropriate lamps to direct light onto the chosen element creating interesting visual effects. Such treatment, using the right intensity and colour of light, can highlight a particular façade element or emphasise colours and shapes.

Rest area

If you have a terrace, patio or other relaxation area not only in front of your house, but also in front of a hotel or restaurant, it would be interesting to use additional decorative lighting to set the right mood and encourage you to stop, relax and enjoy the other attractions of the area. At this point, it is also important to bear in mind the impact of the right lighting colour. Warm light promotes relaxation, while cold light gives energy and stimulates activity.


This is one of the most important aspects in the design of any space both indoors and outdoors. Ensuring safe access to the front door, garage or parked car, moving along the road or simply walking in the park, using the playground, outdoor gym and other such areas requires lamps that will light the way well and allow the area to be used.

Choosing the right lamps is an essential element that significantly improves comfort, safety and functionality both inside and outside buildings.