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Blue Mountain Resort Szklarska Poręba

Blue Mountain Resort
Szklarska Poręba

One of the most interesting hotels in southern Poland, located in Szklarska Poręba, just on the border of Karkonosze and Izerskie mountains. It combines world class hotel standards with a modern real estate ownership - aparthotel investments.

Lighting for the hotel included LED fixtures for the apartments together with the bathrooms, as well as exterior lighting with lanterns and garden posts.

BCB Business Park officesGdańsk

BCB Business Park offices

The modern office building class A is the first in a complex of 5 buildings, resulting in a growing area near the airport name Lech Walesa in Gdansk

Task of lighting facility included a comprehensive approach to the entire building, from the interior to  the surrounding. Elmarco participated in the process from the beginning, from design to implementation. The outcome of a functional and energy-efficient lighting design, practical and nonaggressive public space lighting and original, external illumination to accentuate the object.

Willa Kestenberga Łódź, ul. Jaracza / Sterlinga

Willa Kestenberga
Łódź, ul. Jaracza / Sterlinga

The historic villa of Jakob Kestenberg is one of the residential architecture pearls of industrial city from the beginning of 20th century. From the start the building served for the textile industry. During WW2 Germans have occupied the building and used it for production of military uniforms. After the war it hosted offices of the EMFOR textile factory.

In 2016 the renewal process was finished. Now an IT company has its offices here.

We have lit up interior spaces in the villa using one of our bestseller series - Carlo. We are proud to be part of the revival process of one of the nicest buildings in Łódź to its former shape.

Garnizon estateGdańsk-Wrzeszcz

Garnizon estate

Garnizon is an example of a successful regeneration project of former military areas and the restoration of their city. Former military barracks area with a rich history of over 20 hectares is now offering new features such as housing, offices, commerce, culture and recreation.
Lighting for the area assumed use of the latest LED technology combined with the traditional form of the lanterns. There was also a place for original park and garden fixtures in modern design. An unusual feature is the unique chandelier external, setting and lighting of the square space holiday in the Garnizon

Wuthering Hill resort, Chmielno

Wuthering Hill
resort, Chmielno

This beautiful resort is located at the lake Kłodno, in the heart of the Kashubian. The complex consists of three buildings, combining tradition with modernity.

In this atmosphere also fits lighting, proposing the latest technologies in traditional forms. The area of the complex for autonomous lanterns illuminate the EL-SOL POM - built on the lantern park Pomerania, using an independent power source in the form of photovoltaic panels.

ElmarCo - Lighting

With many years of experience in the production of lighting solutions we know how important it is both for private interior design as well as urban infrastructure. Our goal is to provide our clients, interested in modern and energy-efficient solutions, with products, which will meet their expectations – including their visual aspect as well. On the basis of experience, vast knowledge of our team but also with regard to creativity of designers, we are sure that we are able to meet those expectations. Lamps we create and offer reflect technological perfection in every inch. Both their lifespan and low energy consumption, translating into financial savings, are positively surprising. We also care about their modern, elegant and at the same time original look, which enriches numerous interiors and areas. Great example of that are our floor lamps and hotel illumination solutions.