good form
for lighting


good form
for lighting


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Zdjęcia biura Elmarco

Meet Elmarco lighting manufacturer

Over thirty years of achievements in the field of creative lighting.
Own production facilities for outdoor and indoor fixtures located in Poland. Original designing techniques and manufacturing lighting forms, based on current scientific knowledge. Here we are, Elmarco – welcome to our world.

Apparently, tradition and modernity are two opposite poles, impossible to reconcile. Nothing similar!
Our example shows how to skillfully combine these seemingly contradictory values. On the one hand, we are interested in the latest trends, contemporary architectural thought and the ambitions of the young generation of designers. On the other hand, we are attached to traditional methods of lighting production, thanks to which we can offer unique forms, often unavailable in the mass industry.

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Effective lighting of a post-military estate in Gdańsk

Hossa Investment Group is a Tricity-based developer with dozens of construction projects, including residential buildings, office buildings, shopping centers and hotels. In 2009, the company launched one of the most ambitious projects in its history – the Garnizon estate in Gdańsk.
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Comprehensive implementation of lighting for the mountain resort

Blue Mountain Resort is a luxurious aparthotel in Szklarska Poręba. It was created to combine modern standards of rest with a unique, ideally suited to the mountain landscape, architectural style. Currently, the complex belongs to the Osada Śnieżka group, which also has in its portfolio such hotels as Green Mountain Resort in Karpacz or Elements Hotel & Spa in Świeradów-Zdrój. During the construction of Blue Mountain Resort, the Client turned to us in order to cooperate in the field of lighting the facility.
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