Inspiration Boards

Hotel lighting

Many hoteliers expect cozy and warm interiors from their designers, in which guests will feel at home. The friendly climate of the rooms is largely due to the lighting, which has a significant impact on the well-being of people staying in them. This, in turn, depends on whether they will visit a given facility in the future. It is worth remembering that a nice atmosphere can be achieved both in modern interiors and those that consciously refer to the style of bygone eras.
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Lighting a modern housing estate

Today, developers are dominated by the desire to create complete housing estates - those that will allow their residents to meet all the needs of a comfortable life without having to move away from home. These types of housing estates require an even more comprehensive and well-thought-out lighting system. Sometimes the architectural design of such places requires an individual approach to the design of light fittings, to which we at Elmarco try to respond as best as possible.
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Garden lighting

It's nice to sit in the garden in summer. When, after sunset, the green garden begins to glow in the light of tasteful street lamps, our experience becomes even more complete. In the Elmarco studio, we have prepared a wide portfolio of lanterns and wall lamps of various sizes that will beautifully illuminate garden alleys, gazebos and terraces. Our designers took into account the demand for both modern, minimalist forms as well as more traditional ones, as well as those tailored to non-standard arrangements and preferences of the hosts and their guests.
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