Our Team


A family-owned company with a Board of Directors consisting of Tadeusz Martyniuk – President, Olga Martyniuk – Vice President and Justyna Martyniuk-Pęczek – Vice President.



Tadeusz Martyniuk


Light is with him. He is passionate about creating a company whose mission is not only to design, manufacture and distribute products, but above all to build relationships. A passionate person who infects with his knowledge, strength and enthusiasm. A “founding father” who makes sure that at every stage and in every aspect the company grows.



Olga Martyniuk
V-ce President


She holds the finances of the company. Managing a family business in theory and in practice is her passion. A lecturer at the University of Gdansk, she uses her knowledge of economics to effectively guide the company towards growth. At Elmarco, she manages the finance department, accounting and logistics.

Justyna Martyniuk-Pęczek
V-ce President


Younger daughter – light architect. She combines the art of creating urban space and designing lighting and illuminations. At the same time, she develops academically and is a professor at the Gdansk University of Technology. A specialist in architectural light design, she supports design processes at every stage from product to implementation and marketing.

Sales department

Alina Sikora

Head of sales

Karina Peszka

Deputy manager of sales department

Helena Kauc-Skonieczna

Sales specialist

Ewelina Czerniawska

Export specialist

Justyna Klimek

Marketing specialist

Dorota Tkaczyk

Warehouse manager

Anna Bogdał

Head Accountant

Michał Garstka

Logistics manager