What fascinates and distinguishes us is lighting adjusted to today’s standards, but created in the spirit of classic manufacturing solutions.
In Elmarco’s work, lighting fixtures are art – useful and functional, and at the same time having a unique aesthetic value. Our diligence in preparing unique forms translates not only into customer satisfaction, but also into the quality of the space around him.

We are pioneers of outdoor lighting in Poland. Years of hard work, experience and taking up challenges have resulted in a wide range of high-quality lanterns and universal lighting fixtures. Today, we combine them with the design and production of interior lighting – hotels, offices or public buildings. Find out the key points from our decades-long history and you will find out what shaped our position on the domestic market.


Start of production of indoor lighting in Gdańsk Osowa.
Establishment of a lighting warehouse and company store.
Start of a building of the new headquarters in Chwaszczyno.
Creation of the technical and commercial office “Elmarco Lighting Technique”. Development of the outdoor lighting market in cooperation with Polish and foreign manufacturers.
Transfer of the company’s activity to Chwaszczyno.
Two-track activity: o launching a network of company stores under the logo of Elmarco Lighting Gallery, o comprehensive service of the investment market based on Disano, Valmont, Schreder, Indal products – projects and completion of deliveries.
Implementation of the CRM program for production and distribution management.
Award in the Z.P.P.O. competition on a luminaire with an LED light source.
Entering the HORECA market.
Development of own outdoor lighting offer (street lamps, park fixtures, garden lamps).
Construction of a production hall in Chwaszczyno for the production of street lamps.
Implementation of LED technology in new indoor and outdoor lighting products.
Implementation of the promotion program on foreign markets – development of the export department.
Commencement of construction of a new facility in Gdynia.
Moving activities to a new facility in Gdynia.


Create lighting with a sense of shared responsibility for the aesthetics of public and private space.

Diversify, color and improve the surroundings with the help of light.


To be the first choice in the category of Polish brands offering individually tailored lighting fixtures.

Invariably associated with high quality, inspiring design and a flexible approach to projects.

What makes us stand out

Own factory
We have extensive technological facilities in Gdynia. Thanks to the ongoing control over the course of production processes, we are able to ensure high and repeatable quality of fixtures.
Original design
Elmarco’s unique luminaire designs are created in our design studio in Gdynia. Among them you will find designs that are more modest and those that are slightly extravagant.
Individual approach
We are always opened to the vision of architects and designers we work with. Each project is a separate story for us.
Over 30 years of experience
In our work we combine industry experience with scientific achievements. We know this market inside out and we are ready for its further development.
Professional advice
Our clients can count on specialist care in the selection and lighting design. We remain at their disposal at every stage of realization.
Environmentally friendly production
We assign great importance to the materials from which our luminaires are made. We take care to ensure that the production, operation and subsequent replacement of the lighting leaves the smallest possible footprint on the environment.
Diverse range
We continually develop both classic and modern designs to ensure that our range is as flexible as possible. Elmarco’s products are used in a wide range of spaces of diverse character.
Comprehensive solutions
We provide a comprehensive project management capability for interior and exterior lighting projects. This is when working on large-scale projects reveals our full potential.