Elmarco headquarters is located in the industrial zone in Gdynia. The modern facility includes comfortable office space, a warehouse and very well-equipped production facilities.

All our fixtures are made right here – from design through prototyping to manufacturing. We have managed to create a complete place that allows us to realize the most ambitious projects in outdoor and indoor lighting.

The entire production process is based on our own staff, proprietary technologies and equipment strictly tailored to the specificity of our tasks. We have company workshops: locksmith, welding , carpentry , grinding , painting and assembly, in which the best masters in their profession work. The quality and diligence of our work has been confirmed by a certificate of the Factory Quality Control System, issued by an independent accreditation body, Zetom Katowice.


Caring for the natural environment is one of the key values of our brand. We strive to ensure that every aspect of Elmarco’s activity is in line with the assumptions of a socially responsible business. Some examples below.


The architectural design of the Elmarco building ensures excellent air circulation. We have used ecological, reversible heat pumps in the building, which are used for heating in the winter and air-conditioning in the summer. There are photovoltaic panels on the roof, which ensure energy self-sufficiency.


In the lighting production process we use the DEMI station. It is a device that purifies the water used during work on an ongoing basis, so we can reuse it.


Our policy is focused on the management of resources in a closed circuit (GOZ). The example of its implementation in practice is allocation of used carton boxes to the production of so-called paper wool, which we use to protect the goods during transport.