Hotel lighting

It is worth arranging hotel interiors with an idea and commitment similar to the way we approach the arrangement of our own home. The space created with a soul will make guests remember their stay well and they will be happy to choose the same place next time. The role of lighting in a hotel is to display those elements that deserve special attention from guests. Various fixtures, wall lamps and lamps can help here, and their selection depends primarily on what room we are talking about and in what style it should be decorated.

Our hotel lighting portfolio covers many categories of fixtures. RUMBA and KLEO wall lamps work very well in classic interiors, and MODENA, TANGO or FUJI chandeliers are popular among ceiling fixtures. On the other hand, modern rooms feature wall lamps such as TOLUX, BLOK or LUPUS as well as designer RONDO and PRECIOSA plafonds. Let’s not forget about the appropriate lighting of the lobby. Here, the chandeliers from the CARLO family or the extremely effective SISIL will prove to be an excellent choice. Related products will also beautifully illuminate the hotel restaurant.