AMPER MASTER 22 Charging station


APPLICATION: Parking lots in public spaces, office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, stations, restaurants. Charging station registered in the EIPA system (Register of Fuel Infrastructure Alternatives) allows electric car users to search the station on map and obtain information about the availability, power of the charger and charging price.

OPERATION: Using the station requires a 400V, 50Hz, 5x10mm2 power supply for 22 kW with 40A protection. Also possible to limit the charging station’s power to the parameters of the available connection (e.g. 11kW for 25A). Communication to the server is provided by a LAN cord (Ethernet), Wi-Fi module or GSM module (requires SIM card from the mobile operator). Server – a PC- computer working in a continuous mode with Internet access, integrates the charging station with the EIPA register and allows to read the consumed energy (billing).

USE: The electric car charging station can have several configurations with access and management: access using RFID cards – billing by the investor as operator with using the server (e.g. reception) access via an external operator’s server (e.g. Elocity, Enelion, EV +), access (including booking) via browser on the mobile phone and online payment – smart version.


Aluminum body 150x150x1500mm, IP 54
10-18W LED fixture, controlled by a twilight switch
Charging socket: IEC62196 type-2, 32A
32A overcurrent protection
30mA, type A, 6mA DC residual-current protection
Type-2 overvoltage protection, 350V / 1500V
Energy measurement: MID
Network layout: TNC-S, TN-C, TT
LAN cord connection: Wi-Fi module, GSM module
OCP communication protocol: OCPP 1.6J