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implements a project co-financed from European Funds: Development of export activity of ELMARCO Enterprise

- promotion of products from the construction and finishing industry sector abroad. Financing amount  589 650,00 PLN.


Lighting manufacturer

With many years of experience as a lighting manufacturer we know how important it is both for private interior design as well as urban infrastructure. Our goal is to provide our clients, interested in modern and energy-efficient solutions, with products, which will meet their expectations – including their visual aspect as well. On the basis of experience, vast knowledge of our team but also with regard to creativity of designers, we are sure that we are able to meet those expectations.

Lamps and lanterns we create and offer reflect technological perfection in every inch. Both their lifespan and low energy consumption (thanks to LED modules), translating into financial savings, are positively surprising. We also care about their modern, elegant and at the same time original look, which enriches numerous interiors and areas. Great example of that are our floor lamps, every park lantern and hotel illumination solutions.


Realizations in Krakow

Realizations in Krakow

New photos from several completed investments in Krakow. Fryzja, Perkoz and Gamma Bis lanterns you can see in the Realizations tab.

New Year, new opportunities.

New Year, new opportunities.

Taking part in the Export Broker (Regional Operational Programme for Pomorskie Voivodeship) on 08-10.01.2020, Elmarco participated in Stockholm in meetings with potential contractors from the Swedish market. We are looking forward to the meeting results!

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