Garden lamps – which ones are worth choosing?

Spring is coming and it’s time to start gardening. Who doesn’t like to spend their free time in a well-kept garden surrounded by colorful flowers, trees and a beautiful lawn. Those who own a garden will know how much work it takes. All the more it is worth emphasizing its advantages. Well-chosen lighting will help in this task.

Planning – what elements of the garden to illuminate?

We start by answering the questions about what parts of the garden we want to illuminate to emphasize decorative elements and what parts we want to illuminate for safety reasons. You need to take into account the lighting of the driveway, paths and large plants, shrubs or lawn. In the garden, we can also have a pond that can also be illuminated in an interesting way. If we have a terrace, it is worth paying more attention to it. Usually, this is the place where we will spend the most time resting, looking at the beautiful and pampered garden with our guests.

Which garden lamps choose?

To illuminate the driveway and paths in the garden, we recommend simple posts from the Bolard, Bokard or Fryzia series, which come in different heights and colors and with different variants of light sources. Our lamps also have the option of installing a 230V socket, which will be helpful when we have to use electric tools in gardening. The very modern lamps of the Bover and Kadet series are also an interesting proposition.

To illuminate the terrace, we can use wall lamps mounted on the facade or ceiling lamps if the terrace is under a roof or covered with a pergola. Thanks to the fact that the lamps will shine from above, they will not disturb us during use. From a greater height, the light also reaches farther, so we can use a smaller number of lamps.


A garden is an important place that requires a lot of work, but the effect can be amazing and the joy of using it is priceless.